Sunday, 12 June 2011

Same block with Bluff Rock in the background

Same block as last post, with bluff rock in the background.
Young cherries planted last July 2010. Older cherries in background planted, 1984.

Foreground- Black Star, Colt Rootstock.
Background- Santina and Bellise.

Gardener's Gully, pump hole cleaned out late April, after January floods.

The Pump Shed
Water came through this shed at about knee height in January floods.

Back of Pump Hole.
Completely filled with sand and debris in January floods.

Cherries-Merchant on Colt rootstock, planted 2000.

Same block, Autumn 2011-Soil profile-Decomposed blue granite, shallow sandy loam, poor nutrient holding capacity. Naturally low in organic matter- Acidic. This is the type of soil we work with.

Same block, Lapins to my left, Merchant to my right, both on colt rootstock, block planted July2000.

Cherries-Van, the dam in the background

Same block, Empress on my right, Van to my left-planted July 1995 on colt rootstock.

Cherry Dale Orchard
Northern Tablelands
29degrees S Equator
900m above sea level
Average rain fall 850mm.

In 29 years we have harvested cherries here, our early starting date has been the 23rd  of October, 6-7 times, the rest of the seasons would have varied anywhere between 7-10 days after the date depending on moonphase and temperature in Spring.

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