Friday, 17 February 2012

2011 Harvest

Here are some photos taken during the 2011 Harvest

 First photos are of a busload of tourists to pick their own cherries in December

Paul giving a talk about how cherries are grown and picked


This is Daniel from Germany picking the cherries to show the tourist how it is done

Packers in the shed

This is Monica, she has packed for us for two years now. Very happy with her work and with cherries in her hair.

Maren, Monica and Lydia

Tina and Grainne

John, Mark and myself with some nice solar nugget apricots.

Some of the men picking

Here is Josh in his second harvest

Luke a veteran now

Landry from France

Laurent from France

Taiowa  excellent young worker

From left Mark, Josh, Todd, Luke and Justin

Mark at Work

Cherries delivered to the shed ready for packing

Some of Mum's jams and handicrafts ready for the bus

Our boy Tom, Grainne from Ireland and Tina from South Korea
Three good young workers

Maren from Germany, Monica and Merv

 Keran ready to serve the customers from a  bus in early November

Tom delivering some fruit

Tom and Keran hard at work

Tourist enjoying the garden

Grainne, Jenny, Lydia, Monica, Maren and Tina on the last day of packing

Funny face cherries the girls collected

 Merv reliable as ever

These photos make it seem impressive. The trees did everything they could and carried a good crop. Through all varieties, we had a good crew of workers. But returns on the markets were low with lots of cherries from all districts at once and too much rain throuhout the harvest causing losses.
After the last few difficult years it feels like a kick in the guts.

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