Friday, 9 November 2012

Cherish the Moment

It is hard to explain as an orchardist how such a moment feels. It's a wild ride, cherish the moment.

My son Mark, who can pull copious amounts of cherries.

Without good workers an orchardist is nothing.

Taiowa above who never lets me down.

Luke back from Uni.

John Baptiste, learning english.

It felt good to hold these Merchant on November 9.


These are the 2kg boxes packed for market.


This is our simple work area.
From left, Fiona, Lydia, Phetlada and Pairin, packing for market.

I wish Jenny could be in the barn working with me everyday.
Some spring colour around the garden at the barn.


I cannot tell you what tomorow will bring, but this is an open and honest look at what we did today.

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  1. Great post Paul, keep up the good work


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