Sunday, 27 March 2016

Autumn Cherry Dale 28th March 2016

A week past the Autumn Equinox, was a dry hot end to summer, some rain in storm
 fronts over the last two weeks. looking for a wet April. 


Walking in the cherry trees on this Easter weekend

Jenny in the peach and nectarine block

 John and Tahlia home for Easter

 Still some lovely colour in the garden, the 'Queen Elizabeth' rose

 Work in progress around the nursery, painting the cherry fairy house, yes you read correctly.
New garden beds under planting also.

 Still beautiful colour around the barn

 Everybody wants another birthday

 More new garden beds up the path leading to the barn

Photos taken in the nursery


 Our dogs Molly, Max and Lily

Finding contentment in this simple garden work over this autumn period. Want to finish with a line from a Neil and Tim Finn song, "I'll take my chances cause anything can happen."
Best wishes to all.

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  1. Fantastic page Paul and Jenny. You should be very proud of the work and effort you have put into the Cherrydale venture. The orchard and gardens are a credit to you both.


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