Friday, 1 September 2017

Spring on a Calendar September 1

I took these photos today the first day of September.
An early start on a cold, foggy,frosty morning.

 Bees being placed in the orchard for pollination.
Mark helping the apiarist unload.

Some peach and nectarine blossom at the top of this block.
The last 3 months of Winter have been dry, well below average rain.
Winter started mild but is finishing cold and frosty as only a dry winter knows how.
Early stonefruit has been getting some frost damage.  

 Bud burst on these Royal Lynn cherries.

 Bee hives are placed in a few groups around the orchard.

  Empress cherries starting to bloom.

 Mark on the chainsaw as I prune behind him. 

 Pruning some Lapin cherries here.

It has been good to be working with my son Mark and
 to  be honest I would be lost without him.

Now waiting patiently for this season to unfold.
Blossom period is always a little dicey, but I guess the whole orcharding game is.
Best wishes to all.

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