Thursday, 20 September 2012

20 September 2012 Spring Blossom

Some more photos taken today - 20 September 2012

Empress cherries approaching shuck fall.
Empress row below on the left, realistically
full bloom to petal fall. Van in the right of the photo

Van above and below

Rons above - Sweet Georgia below

Rows of Sweet Georgia

Rons to the left of photo and Lapin to the right
Photo of Lapin blossom below

Lapin above Simone below

Some rows of Empress and Lapin

Early Burlat

Lily above
Max below orchard dogs - it's a dog's life.
Solar Nugget apricot fruit set

Looks like it is time to start thinning

Solar Glow apricot

View of one of the cherry blocks
The next photos of  spring blossom shots around the garden.
Jenny in the garden



succulent garden below


Rodadendron above and Clivea below
 A sea of Heartease (Johnny Jump ups) below


Anenemone below
Orange Pig Face waiting for the sun to open

View of the dry river bed

More Anemones below


Cactus Garden below

Succulents near steps to deck

 This is some of what is blooming in the garden at the moment.
Have had 23mm of rain since last blog entry, no bad frosts, mild to warm days for bee activity.

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