Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Happy Father's Day

This is my father Allan - 30/05/1934 - 05/10/2006

The photo above was taken in the Autumn of 2006

This is a Father's Day tribute to him.


John and Mark as young boys at the barn. Mark is 20 years old this week, where do the years go?
Looking forward - Looking back


Peaches and Nectarines ranging from shuck fall to full bloom.

Petal fall on nectarines, shuck pulled away to reveal young fruitlets.


Apricots above at shuck fall

Young nectarine tree above
Solar mate apricots below, next to orange red just starting to flower.

This is the stage the cherries are at. 05/09/2012
Empress above

Some Merchant below, doing some pruning here at the moment.

Photos below are of budswell on young trees. 05/09/2012
Sweet Georgia

Black Star


Sumleta (Sonata)

Sandra Rose


August has been dry and cold.
 The long range forecast is for a hot, dry summer.
After the last two la nina years a fruit grower could only wish.


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