Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cherry Tree Planting July 28 2013

Some nice frosty mornings with sunny days, for tree planting.
I enjoyed this time with John and Mark


Cherry Trees from Graham's Factree, Victoria, Australia
Royal Lynn, Royal Hazel, Royal Dawn, Rosy Rainier, Royal Rainier and Black Star, all on Colt rootstock


An old mate, Gerry, giving me a hand.

Looking back up the hill

After block preparation, fertiliser (as shown in previous postings.) This is what I use for the first two years as a ground fertiliser. Kelp, fish and magnesium foliar fertilisers are used as well.

Diamond Pearl Nectarine Row, planted July 2011, a before and after shot of pruning.



Looking down the row.

Pruning some Solar Flair apricots.

These photos show what I have been doing the last few weeks. Time will tell what these cherry varieties will perform like in our district.  Best wishes to all.

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