Saturday, 6 July 2013

Winter Work July 6 2013

It's pruning time again.
Standing in some Springbright nectarine rows.
Felco 810 electronics. This is the 5th pruning season for these secateurs. I find these good to use.
Small light Stihl MS 192T easy to operate one handed.
Simple Ryset folding pruning saw.


Mark helping out, our children have always been a great help.

View from my ladder, Apricot row.
Looking back at what has been pruned (above).
Looking forward at what is to be pruned (below).

Jenny and Lily next to some pruned Priana Apricots (above).
Solar Sweet Apricots (below). Solar Sweet is a very good variety.
Very firm on the tree with full colour. Nice clean skin, very sweet and popular with customers in the stall.

Close up of some apricot wood.

Cutting firewood to keep us warm, it's a constant.

I have had this Sthil Farmboss chainsaw since I was 21. It is still running well on its original rings.

Jenny and I enjoying some time with our dogs, Max, Lily and our new puppy CoCo.

Outside our house on the eastern side. A lovely spot to sit on a sunny winter morning.

Camellia in bloom

I feel quiet accustomed to working in a Tenterfield winter now after all these years.
 I enjoy the structured routine of pruning, the satisfaction of achievement. I could not pretend that it is an easy occupation and it's hard to explain why men and women do such things, but here we are.
Best wishes to all.

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