Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Harvest Time 2013

Started picking some Empress cherries on Sunday October 20. It has been a hot, dry and windy spring with a few frosts thrown in. Empress cherries are only lightly cropped. Other varieties are moderate to reasonably good. Been a challenging spring to work in feels good to have started.

It is good having our son's John and Mark helping us in the harvest. Doug to come soon.

  Our son John graduating on September 14 with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music and a Bachelor of Secondary Education. A proud moment for us all.

John and his partner Tahlia who is  about to graduate with a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours. We are proud of them both. Now they can pick and pack cherries ha ha. 

And In the garden

I will place some more photos of the harvest as it progresses.
Best wishes to all.


  1. Hello! :-) My name is Krista (aka Rambling Tart) and I met you this weekend when my husband and I stopped to buy cherries and jam from you. :-) Thank you again for your kindness in visiting with us. It was really nice to meet you and I loved seeing your beautiful farm. :-) I will be writing a post about our visit soon and will send you the link when it is published. :-) My travel site is www.ramblingtart.com and our farm site is www.citadelkalahari.com Hope you have a fantastic week! :-)

  2. Hi Paul.
    My name is Mark Pringle and my wife and I have a fruit and vege stall on the north side of Brisbane and one of our clients suggested getting in contact with you regarding the chances of buying cherries directly from you.
    Please feel free to check us out at www.facebook.com/delivermyfruit.
    If there is any chance of buying from you please feel free to leave us a private message on our facebook page or email us directly at delivermyfruit@gmail.com


  3. Hi Paul and Jenny. :-) Here is the article I wrote about our visit to your beautiful farm. :-)


    1. Hi Krista
      Thankyou very much for writing such a beautiful post on your blog about our orchard.
      Your photos are really impressive and we would love to have copies of them if possible. I felt humbled.
      All the best
      Paul and Jenny


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