Saturday, 9 November 2013

Keep pushing on harvesting November 2013

Weather has still been hot and very dry. Early varieties Empress, Burlat, Supreme, Merchant, Eagles, have only had light to moderate crops. Only using a few staff, struggling to just keep cherries up to the stall. On a positive note cherries have been sweet and clean.

4 year old Santina row. Has impressive fruit in this dry weather. Pairin, our son Mark and Luke at the ready.  

Santina above and below

We were just starting to pick Ron seedlings as a standard when I took these photos below. The other varieties except for Santina were only lightly cropped, but all were impressive and the season is obviously early.

Kristy, Dax and Doug. Dax's first cherry harvest, you have to start them early.

Beautiful little boy.

Varieties listed below are the only reasonably cropped cherries after the mild winter we experienced.


Stella above and below

Lapin below


Simone above and below

Young Bellise tree below

Sweet Georgia our last variety below.


Rose Bright nectarines first nice showing on young trees. A beautiful piece of fruit.
Doug ready for some picking.

Our son's John and Doug it felt good to take this photo.

Max guarding the path.

Merv amongst the blossoms

That is what is going on at Cherry Dale at the moment.
The orchard is starting to really feel the dry and looking a bit stressed, bit like me I guess.
Best wishes to all.

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