Saturday, 22 March 2014

Autumn Equinox Southern Hemisphere

 The Autumn Equinox yesterday the 21/03/14. Here are a few photos take on the orchard today.
Cherry trees below

Some of the younger trees in the orchard.

Close up of some cherry branches

Some young cherries planted last winter below

Some older cherry trees planted in 1994 I used a chainsaw heavily on these trees last winter, below

Some nice new lateral from this heavy cutting

Some apricot rows below

Here is where we are going to build our new nursery.
I have started to dig some footings with Mark
We plan on making a split level round pad with a hexagonal shade sail roof.

Some photos of the gardens around the barn  

A beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose with a pink windchime next to it. 

Windchime below

Queen Elizabeth below
Photos of the garden at our house.Beautiful red fuchsia below
Hybrid tea rose Oklahoma

My good wife in the garden below
Ablution (chinese lantern tree) behind table and chairs a nice shady area to sit.

 Some salvia and some purple chrysanthemum below

A relaxed shot with our newest Grandson Dax at Christmas time

Dax sitting with Grandma

Hope you enjoy these photos of around our orchard.
Not much to say about the last harvest except that I am glad that it is finished, very hot and dry year.
With periods of intense wildlife. Water supplies are very low large areas of the country are still crying out for good rain. Wishing those in the Northern Hemisphere, who will soon be harvesting fruit, the best of luck.
Best wishes to all.



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