Saturday, 10 May 2014

10th of May 2014

Below are a few photos taken over the last month.

Autumn Colour 
Commencement of the Nursery pad below


Mark pictured below
With that I don't know what I'm doing look.

Mark and John hard at work


 That shovel is no good.



The last block, " should have laid that one first."


It was hard on our tools and hard on our bodies, but it was a simple pleasure to do this job with my sons Mark and John
Jenny preparing cuttings for propagating for the nursery

Propagated cuttings being repotted

Jenny and Coco inside the greenhouse

Plants inside the greenhouse

A mixture of young salvia plants grown from cutting. Below
Our favourite plant

Preparing a new block for planting some cherries this winter.
0.5  of a hectare

Some ripping just completed, this area was ripped by a bulldozer 2 years ago, when old trees were removed

Our soil type is a shallow,  sandy loam, Acidic, low PH (decomposed blue granite)

I applied 800 kilograms of Dolomite or approximately 1.6 tonne per hectare
480 kgs of Natra-min Hi-Phos or approximately 1 tonne per hectare.
and 400 kgs of super phosphate or approximately 800kgs per hectare onto this area for soil preparation before planting this winter.

This is a 1981 Valpadana tractor RS 6055 it has done some hours for us.
Finished block after harrowing below

A recent photo taken at our grandson Dax's first birthday on the Sunshine Coast. A beautiful part of Australia to live.

We have had good rain since our last entry, weather is turning colder now.
Best wishes to all.



  1. Best fruit we have ever eaten!!

    great pictures....helpful advice!

    thank you Paul n Jenny

  2. your Peaches are DELICIOUS!! THANKS HEAPS!
    Dave n Shiena


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