Monday, 25 August 2014

Apricot Blossom August 2014

New moon today August 25, have had 35mm of rain in the last 2weeks with some more forecast tomorrow.  (25mm=1") Here are some photos that I took this morning of some apricot blossom, the first sunny morning for a good week.

 Overall view of some apricot rows below.
Varieties such as Solar Glow, Solar Fire, Solar Nugget, Solar Sweet, Solar Flair, Golden May and Priana are in bloom at present, with most other apricot varieties at bud burst.

Rose Bright nectarine below

Diamond Pearl nectarine at bud burst below.

2 photos below taken last month, starting to get Mark more involved in the pruning.

Weather has remained nice and cold since last entry, good to see some rain in the last 2 weeks.
Spring is unfolding on us now, anticipation levels are high.
Best Wishes to all.

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