Saturday, 12 July 2014

Full Moon 12 July 2014

Winter in Tenterfield -8 degrees Celsius minimum  14 degrees maximum today.
It has been very cold the last few weeks, cold winds and frosty mornings. No rain to speak of. I have been pruning stone fruit over the past month and finishing paving work at the nursery on weekends.

Lily loves a drive in the ute.

Cherry branch above
A pruned apricot row below

Jenny and Mark at the jobsite on a beautiful cold winter's day.

Some photos below of where the nursery is up to.


Photos above and below of Mark in Autumn.
Building the nursery soaked up a lot of man hours.
Mark was a great asset working with me on this job.

Our daughter Renata, our grandson Andrew and granddaughters Holly and Emily came all the way from Cairns to visit , had to get into the greenhouse to keep warm for the photo as the wind was like ice.

Our eldest grandson Andrew, who drove from warm
Cairns to cold Tenterfield to see us, it is a big country.

It has been good to feel some cold weather this winter and can only hope it lasts for a while yet.
Best Wishes to all.

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  1. Hello Paul and Jenny,
    Lovely to see your photos and the work you've been up to. The landscaping for the nursery looks amazing and I'm sure the finished project will be a beauty to behold like your other creations. I had to think twice when I see you have a grandson as tall as you!
    Love from Kathryn, Michael and family (all the way from Stannum).


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