Friday, 12 December 2014

Harvest Photos December 2014

These photos were taken on the 6th of December, Sweet Georgia, our last variety to harvest. Glad to say that it was a successful cherry harvest. Weather was hot and dry and a challenge. Almost all varieties harvested well, Empress, Merchant, Santina, Lapin and Sweet Georgia were clearly standouts in this season. Our highway stall at Cherry Dale moved all cherries, where sales have risen to a new level. Stone fruit from new trees has been exceptional and return sales have been strong.


 Last hours of the cherry harvest, rare moments in a man's life to hold such cherries.

(Below from left)   Pairin, Big Pete, our sons Tom and Mark and Merv, hurrying to get the last cherries off before rain.

 Lydia and Lillian packing boxes for sale.

 Mark on the ladder, look at his appropriate footwear.

Felt good to harvest such good cherries at the end of this season.

Some beautiful Diamond Pearl nectarines, a white flesh Bradford variety.

 My sons Tom and Mark, it was good to have Tom home to help with the harvest and Mark as always.

 My good wife Jenny a good fruitier and flower arranger.

 Tom with a good display of the fruit for sale.

Joy and Jenny, Girls just wanna have fun.

 Joy in the new nursery

 Coming up the garden path.

 New garden bed around nursery below

Preparing our propagated plants to place in the nursery for sale 

 Mark is more of an asset every year.

Our neighbours pigs who enjoy all our waste fruit.

42 days on my feet today in the harvest, with stonefruit to pick until Christmas. 
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Best wishes to all.

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