Saturday, 10 January 2015

Summer Photos Janurary 2015

Christmas for the Savins family at Cherry Dale
Christmas morning at the barn

 From left 
Dax, Kristy,Doug, Mark, Jenny Santa, Tom, John and Tahlia holding Molly
Paul taking photo.

 Dax having a bubbling good time with his new Christmas present.
In the nursery with Grandma

 Tom and Mark, back at work after Christmas
this photo was taken picking Grand Candy Nectarines with  Candy Princess Peaches in the foreground

  Snow Princess white peach approaching maturity
So far have harvested Ivory Duchess, Ivory Princess and  Ice Princess, all have been exceptional with customers coming back for more.

 Black Candy plums ready for harvest

Tom and Mark picking Grand Candy nectarines

 Mark picking Candy Princess peaches

 Zephyr white fleshed nectarine approaching maturity

Jenny in the fruit stall

Customers buying stonefruit in the stall

 Photos of around the nursery

 Salvias around the garden have been flowering  beautifully

These photos have been taken over the past few weeks and show what we have been picking and selling at Cherry Dale at the moment.
We are waiting to serve YOU
Best wishes to  all.

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