Friday, 3 April 2015

Mum's Party at Cherry Dale

My mother Fay celebrated her 80th birthday recently at Cherry Dale

 Mary Fay Hughes born 1935 married my father Allan Frank Savins 1955 
She was a farmer's wife and a nurse. She has seven children, 29 Grandchildren and 20 Great Grandchildren. She is still very sociable and active and truly gives us unconditional love.

Fay's most recent Great Grandchild Sofia being held by her mother Amelia (Fay's Grand daughter) and her husband Mauricio who have both returned home from living in  Brazil 

 The nights are starting to cool here at this time of year, but still some nice warm days. 5th of April today Easter 2015


 Young Cherry trees near the barn.

Jenny and myself propagating on the weekends.
Some cuttings growing in the greenhouse below.

 Re potting cuttings and placing for sale in the nursery.

 Waverly Salvia above
Mexican Sage below

 Some beautiful Dahlias and Penstemons in the garden.

Here are some of the things that we have been doing in the past few weeks at Cherry Dale
Enjoying the nursery work with Jenny on the weekends and if you are local or passing by drop in and check us out.Best wishes to all.

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