Sunday, 21 June 2015

Winter Solstice

 Winter Solstice yesterday June 21
Here are a few photos taken over the past week.
Jenny in the orchard standing next to some Solar Fire apricots.
Some peach rows below.

The photo above shows some of the techniques used in the last season for Queensland Fruit Fly control, small cardboard pad is a Amulet Cue-lure, male annihilation technique pad used in a grid fashion throughout the orchard. Approx 16 per ha.
Larger vinyl piece is used for splash baits for the female Queensland Fruit Fly. Natralure was used (the vinyl avoids a phyrotoxic burn on young leaves). Once again used in a grid fashion.
 Cover sprays of the insecticide Lepidex 500 (Trichlorfin) and then Samurai (Clothianidin) just prior to harvest have been used in the last 2 seasons for control since the banning of Fenthion.

My son Mark cutting out some 20 year old nectarine trees.
Some Winter weed control below.
The dormant period in Winter is the only time I use Glysophate through a boom spray in the orchard.


 Photo above taken on Sunday, shows the dam's current level.
Photo below Jenny and the dogs at the creek.

Some of the plants that we propagated in Autumn to be sold in the nursery in Spring.

 Just starting to move into pruning, don't mind this time of year.
Best wishes to all.

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  1. Great photos of the orchard and the doggies


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