Thursday, 16 July 2015

Snow at Cherry Dale Tenterfield

Woke this morning to this amazing winter wonderland, it gave me a child like excitement and I had to get out and take some photos.  1984 since I have seen this much snow on the ground here.

 No pruning for me today, thankyou for the day off, weather. Not often you can say that.

This is the best we could do before hypothermia set in. lol

 Delivery of some new fruit trees from Graham's Factree Victoria. This is Graham's son Patrick doing the driving and unloading. My brother Neil with me picking up his trees. 
My father first bought trees of Patrick's grandfather. 
They offer a good service.

This is Pairin's new restaurant in Tenterfield. Some may recognise Pairin from previous posts, picking on our orchard. He is an excellent chef, the meal was delicious and  Pairin and Kurt have fitted out the restaurant exquisitely. 
Well worth a visit.

Certainly has been a cold July could not ask for better as a fruit grower. Moisture in the soil, Spring around the corner.
Best wishes to all.

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