Monday, 21 September 2015

Spring Equinox 21st September, Cherry Blossoms

Spring Equinox:  Took these photos today of different varieties of cherries on the orchard.

Jenny standing next to Sweet Georgia, a good reliable cropper for us, harvest just after Lapin, good size and good flavour.

 Simone above, reliable, excellent flavour and size. Customers love them in the fruit stall.

 Close up of Lapin, above and below, an excellent reliable variety. Bees on the job.

    Below,  Lapin row to the left, Sweet Georgia to the right.

Close up Lapin blossom, below

 Early Burlatt, below, just about to burst.

 This is the stage Ron's seedlings are at, below.

Stella below

 Eagle Seedling below

Lewis Below

 Merchant below

Black Star below

Black Star row on the left, Sweet Georgia on the right, both just starting to blossom.
Note:- Sweet Georgia in earlier photos are at higher altitude in orchard and more advanced in blossom.

 Rosy Rainier, very yummy, below

 Santina at bud burst, these have been impressive

 Bees on the job give them 12 degrees Celsius, they will work all day, sunny or cloudy.
Bellise below

 Sandra Rose below, still only at full bud swell, certainly are a late bloomer.

 Empress cherries pushing out of shuck, same row below.

 Royal Lynn above, Royal Hazel below.

Photos above and below were taken 2 Weeks ago. Merv the apiarist making a delivery.

I find these products a good combination as a second or late bud swell spray on the cherries.

 Jenny and Molly in the trees.

I want to finish with a Mark Twain quote which as an orchardist I find apt at this time of year.

" Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel, that you too, can become great.

                          Best wishes to all.

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