Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

I took these photos this morning, Saturday August 22.

 Snow Princess peach above and below

Solar Flare apricot at budburst. below

Candy Giant plum at budburst  below

Stage of budswell on cherries
Empress below

 Royal Hazel below

Royal Lynn below

Royal Dawn below

 Photos below are taken over the last month.
Some newly planted cherry trees.

 Mark on the job.

Some pruning shots working on some young cherries.

Rain in the forecast, budswell on the trees, a good time for fertiliser.

 A recent ray of sunshine in a cold winter, our grandson Dax and his mum and dad come to the orchard for a visit.

 Uncle Mark and Dax enjoying the moment.

Feeding the chooks with daddy and uncle John

 Planting a tree with Grandad, he had to get in and have a go at everything he could.

 Standing in the back of the truck

Kissing Grandma

Helping with some repotting.  We had a great weekend together.

It has been a busy lot of work in the last month. I guess only to get busier. 
Best wishes to all.

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