Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cherry Dale June, Winter

We have been giving the garden around the fruit barn a facelift
 over the past eight weeks. A new fairy house for children to enjoy. 
Widening old paths and adding an  80 metre long decomposed granite path around
 the nursery and gardens to link to the new fairy house and some new garden beds too.

 This photo of me taken next to some young Royal Hazel cherries was taken today. 
Have had the first few frost of the season, rain in the forecast, starting to feel the cold of winter.
Photos below show a sequence of garden work completed around the nursery and the fruit barn.

 Fairy house, beginning

 We are going to paint ourselves a fairy house.
Mark and Jenny

Painting of the fairy house finished, Yes it is bright.

 Jenny standing at the beginning of the decomposed granite paths.

 Some lovely  fairy stepping stones.

 Mark on the mattock, I'm gunna dig me a path.

The finished look

I'm gunna lay me some pavers, but seriously it is good to have a son to work with

It is hard to imagine getting through all this work by myself.

 My dad showed me what I now get to show him.

Older path which has been widened. Above and below.

 Some block work.

 New garden construction at fruit barn and nursery intersection,

Jenny planting lime lava grass, an Australian native (schleranthus bliforus)
Alpine region plant. 2 year old plants in garden in background. Beautiful in a rockery.
We will have a number of these in our nursery in spring.

Photo of the older widened path leading to the fruit barn. (Below)

This sign says that there are fairies at the bottom of our garden, perhaps there are. Why don't you come and see in the spring when the cherries are being harvested. Best wishes to all.

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