Sunday, 21 August 2016

Apricot Blossom 21st of August 2016

I took these photos today, Sunday the 21st of August. It was the full moon on the 18th. Solar Glow Apricots in blossom. Will take approx. 90 days from here to harvest for this variety of apricot, weather permitting.

 Close up of Solar Glow above and below

Candy Gem Plum Blossom.  Would harvest approx. mid November.

 Princess Time peach blossom (Yellow Peach)

Close up of same peach.


  This is the stage of the bud swell of Royal Hazel above and Royal Lynn below.
 Both of these varieties are in the 500 hours chilling units range.

 A look down the row, these were planted July 2013. (see previous post)

 An older block of cherries, planted 1999. Took this photo from my tallest ladder.

 Stage of bud swell, Empress cherries. Full moon in September would see most cherry varieties in full bloom, full moon in October will show straw colour in this Empress variety. Weather permitting.

 In the greenhouse with some of the plants for the nursery. A simple relaxation.

My mum Fay on a Sunday afternoon visit.

 Lily and Molly soaking up the sun.

There is no stopping this thing once it starts to unfold, no steering wheel, no brakes. As we go through the wild temperature fluctuations that spring brings in this country.
Best Wishes to all.

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