Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fruit Set October 26th

It has been a cold and wet spring, still getting the odd light frost in the gullies. Lots of westerly wind patterns I don't think that it has been above 24 C yet this spring. I think that we are damn lucky to have a crop on the trees this season.

 Our first variety to harvest Empress above and below

 Our last variety to harvest Sweet Georgia above and below

 Merchant below

 Lapin below

Mark standing next to a young Royal Hazel cherry tree.


Kay Sweet nectarines above and below
Mark worked a small crew on the thinning this season.

Will be a late start to the harvest maybe the first weekend in November. Just guessing. A start is one thing, but a good harvest throughout the season on all fruit is the goal. 
Best wishes to all.

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