Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Spring Blossom September 2016

Spring Blossom September 2016
I took these photos today, it has been a wet spring to date.

 Cherries in blossom


  Placing bee hives on cherry orchards is a must.




 Royal Hazel cherries above and below

Solar Glow Apricots above and below
Same variety that was shown in blossom in the last post.

 Around the Garden



Armeria Bee's Pink

 Clivea above and below


 Chinese Wisteria

 Some plants ready for the nursery

Past the spring equinox now, there have been no frost issues this September but, it has been wet. Stonefruit has set nicely. The majority of the cherries are in blossom and time will tell how they shape up this season. Best wishes to all.

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