Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cherry Harvest Tenterfield NSW Australia November/December 2016

These photos have been taken over the 2016 cherry harvest. Got away with some good harvest weather, demand was strong for the product, people enjoyed good fruit through the stall.

First photos Rosy Rainier

It was good to have my brothers Neil and Peter and my son Mark to help us in the harvest.

Did not put a cherry through a sizing ring this season, had no need.
Good size here with excellent flavour.

 Royal Dawn below, picked these with rosy rainier, very crisp and sweet.

 My sons Mark and Doug with our grandsons Dax and Dash.

 Santina has been a good cherry here, good size and flavour and reliable.


 Lapin below, our customers love them. I love to handle them.

Men at Work
I would be nowhere without them. Have seen many faces over the years.

Another load to the fruit barn.

 Sweet Georgia our last variety a mutation of Lapin.
 Picks just after and on the heels of Lapin.

 Jenny in the garden on a hot afternoon.

Some lovely Gladiolli

An afternoon in the nursery

Product for sale in the fruit stall. This is what we strive for.

 Neil picking some beautiful Solar Nugget apricots.

Mark picking beautiful Candy Princess peaches.
Colour, the sun is the engine.

Grand Candy nectarines

I love this Salvia, 'Waverly'

 'Freesia' in the sun.

Salvia, Radiance at the water feature
 Smoke bush on a smokey morning.

Young cherries, always good to have a few coming through.

And then, somehow we fit in Christmas
Always look forward to this day off with our family

 All boys love motor bikes

Another cherry harvest has been and gone in my life. It felt good, but it drains the body. Still picking and selling some lovely stonefruit. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support We strive to grow the best for you and your families.We do not pretend to be the biggest or the best orchard, far from that, but this is our lot in life.
Best wishes to all.

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