Monday, 3 July 2017

Pruning July 03/07/17

I have been pruning fruit trees since 1981 it is a long apprenticeship.

Apricot trees

Our youngest son Mark in some plum rows.

Mark standing next to some young cherries, Simone, on colt rootstock, planted 2015.
A good, productive variety for us.

Santina to the left, Black Star to the right on colt rootstock planted 2010

Standing next to cherries, Royal Hazel on colt rootstock, planted 2013
Royal Hazel and Royal Lynn seem impressive, planting some Royal Tiago this winter.

Royal Hazel here again, above and below

In winter 1981 I first came to see this orchard with my father,
There was a cold wind blowing and it seemed unwelcoming. His dream was to grow fruit here and sell it direct to people traveling on the New England Highway. I feel proud of the farm gate sales that we have developed over the years. I have seen a lot of changes over this time, yet  a lot of things remain the same. Growing fruit is not a perfect thing and the weather is a hard task master, but I guess that it has taught me to except my own imperfections.

Best Wishes to all.

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