Thursday, 24 June 2021

Winter Solstice

 As we move past the winter solstice I reflect on what has been. The drought has finished in our district, our dam is full, the creek has good flow again and there is a good soil moisture profile.  The drought has left its scars and bruises with 2019 being the worst of it. Some areas of orchard, older trees have been lost and recently removed but, all young trees are alive and looking good. 

The last harvest went well for us and while volume of cherries was down they were of good quality. 

Losses were minimal from the first cherry variety to the last peaches picked and demand for the product in the Highway stall was strong, the best we have experienced.

Here are some photos showing parts of the season.

Royal Tioga photo taken 25 October 2020
Planted July 2017
First pick of these, customers loved them.

First cherries picked for the season
Mark and I Empress

Photo above and below show Royal Hazel
We picked Empress first with Royal Tioga and then into Royal Lynn and then Royal Hazel.
These were picked before Merchant maturity.

Sunday morning Merchant cherries in older trees.
These old trees were chainsawed hard last winter after the drought. Made good new wood through the season.

Photo above and below show Royal Dawn
We picked Rosy Rainier, Bellise and then Santina in this time slot after Merchant maturity.

Photos below show our son Mark with Lapin cherries and Simone above him.
These are young trees with their first good crop.

Photo below shows Sweet Georgia our last variety to harvest.
Two young journalists from the ABC Tamworth came on this day and did a story about Cherry Dale recovering from the drought. It was aired on the Seven Thirty Report. A once in a lifetime event.

Photo below show Golden Sweet apricots
The customers loved these in the stall over Christmas

 Photo below shows Spring Candy peaches
Free stone, yellow flesh and delicious 

Black Candy plums handle well and beautiful to eat

Snow Queen peaches our last variety to pick
White flesh, freestone, classic

The photos below show the nursery the day before opening.
Plant sales were strong and surprising.

Photo above shows creek after good rainfall
Photo below shows the dam full

 Photo of the garden around the fruit barn and nursery

These photos are a summary of the season that was. It was good to handle produce again.
Rainfall brings renewed confidence.
Spring is right around the corner.
Best wishes to all.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Reflection on 2018 cherry harvest

It has been a year and a half since I have done a blog post. So here we are.
The following photos show parts of the 2018 cherry harvest, which went well for us. Our district is still in drought as discussed in previous post. The limited water that we had was just enough to grow the crop we did. In reflection the harvest had a goldilocks feel to it.

The drought conditions over late summer and autumn are the harshest I have seen in this district. Prospects for good rainfall over winter and spring are low. Time will tell as it always does.

Friday, 22 September 2017

All Things Being Equal

 Photos taken today on this spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. 
Cherry blossoms the bees have been busy doing their thing.




 Looking down some rows of cherries.



An ornamental weeping cherry below.

Peaches below.

 Apricots below

Still very dry in our district, mornings have remained cold. Have commenced drip irrigation through blossom period. Certainly not in our comfort zone, if such a thing exists. The season has good potential, but some good rain is what is needed. One thing I have learned over the years there are no ideal conditions there is just the reality of what is.
Best wishes to all.